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Pandit Anand Thakore has been composing music since his late teens in the Hindustani classical genre of the ‘ Bandish’ . His first sources of inspiration were his Guru Pandit Satyasheel Deshpande whom he learnt from directly  and the inimitable  Pandit Kumar  Gandharva, whom he had the good fortune to be associated with for several years.  Along with his forays into the realm of Raga and Tala, Anandji simultaneously developed a taste for Braj and Hindi poetry which enabled him to find a balance in his Bandishes between verbal and purely musical content

During his twenties he also composed background scores for television serials, and live theatre,  though the Hindustani bandish  has always remained his preferred form.

In 2006 he recieved a grant from the Charles Wallace India Trust to work on a collaborative experimental project with London-based composer and jazz guitarist Pete Wyer. A participant in ' The Simultaneity Project ', he collaborated with soprano Evelyn Beech, microtonal vocalist Toby Twining,  Pianist Burnharde Finke and the Orchestra of the Swan on a Piece called ' Four Bridges'; a score or ' time structured map', composed by Wyer with ample scope for free improvisation, simultaneously recorded in various parts of the world. The piece uses a technique that wyer calls ' Time Structured Mapping'

In 2009 Anand Thakore Presented 'Sabadpiya Ki Khoj', a concert and presentation at the Tata Theatre (National Center for the Performing Arts), focusing on his work as a composer of 'Bandishes'  composed under the 'Takhallus' or pseuodonym 'Sabadpiya' ( 'sabadpiya' implying 'lover of the word' and reminiscent of agra gharana pen- names like Ustad Khadim Hussain 'Sajanpiya' etc.)  The event brought together his work both as a composer in Hindustani raga and taal and as a lyric-writer in Braj and Hindi. A pamphlet of the words of these compositions brought out by 'Kshitij', was also made publicly available at the event.

For the text of these braj compositions visit the ‘Sabadpiya Ki Khoj’ section. Video and Audio recordings of these bandishes are to be made and uploaded shortly.

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