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Harbour Line is a publishing collective devoted to verse and criticism written or translated into English on and around the Indian subcontinent, with a special focus on first books. It was founded by Anand Thakore in 2001 in collaboration with poets Jane Bhandari, Deepankar Khiwani and Vivek Narayanan.  We have four publications so far, all collections of verse: Entr’acte, by Deepankar Khiwani , Universal Beach, by Vivek Narayanan,  Aquarius by Jane Bhandari and Waking in December by Anand Thakore.​

Harbour Line publications are available at Kitabkhana, Fort, Mumbai and at Yodakin, Hauz Khas , New Delhi. They can also be ordered online at the following email address: Manuscripts may also be sent to the same address.

For more information about individual titles and their authors, and to read selected poems from each book, please click on the images below :

Publication Year : 2006

ISBN 10 : 8190298127

ISBN 13 : 9788190298124

Publication Year : 2006

ISBN : 8190298135

Publication Year : 2002

ISBN : ​8190298119

Publication Year : 2001

ISBN-13 : 9788190298100
ISBN-10 : 

In addition to our publications, Harbour Line has also maintained a tradition of organizing readings, literary gatherings and soirees in intimate spaces conducive to interaction between poets- art galleries and bookstores, for instance, and when possible, in the homes of poets. We hope to keep this tradition alive to the best of our ability and are currently gathering material towards a Harbour Line Anthology.

‘With most Indian commercial publishers currently avoiding poetry, the English-language poets have turned to a formula of a group of writers circulating for criticism and eventually publishing each other’s work. Anand Thakore’s Waking in December is the first publication of Harbour Line. As Indian poetry in English has become accepted and standards applied, the general Level has risen and the established poets are no longer oases in the desert’
-Bruce King, World Literature Today, 2001​

‘In these years a new hope in artistic friendships and collaborations was born’

- Vivek Narayanan,  Universal Beach, acknowledgements page

( Poetry Soiree at Chandri Villa, erstwhile Harbour Line headquarters: Arun Kolhatkar, Gieve Patel, Kumar Vaidya, Tenzin tsundue, Jerry Pinto, Arundhathi Subramaniam, Jane Bhandari, Vivek Narayanan,Anand Thakore, Ranjit Hoskote and  Adil Jussawalla)

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