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Harbour Line - UNIVERSAL BEACH, by Vivek Narayanan

Publication Year : 2006​

ISBN : 8190298135​

Some responses :


‘Soon the world will know of a daring, vigorous, sexy, humane, wise and traveled poet. It will find in Universal Beach’, a remarkable formal control, and an equally remarkable free-verse non-chalance. Narayanan has a noise all his own; a voice, happily exceeding the limitations of voice’

-David Herd
‘Vivek Narayanan’s poems remind me of a thriving port-city, where diverse tongues are spoken,their registers varying from a priestly classical to a piratical demotic.Narayanan founds hispoetic universe on a sophisticated understanding of bricolage: With a keen eye on the uses of friction, he counterpoints the certainties of definition  with the deceptions of synaesthesia; he sends up the vagueness of academic discourse with devastatingly precise onomatopoeia, and segues adroitly from memoir to surveillance report, from the elegiac to the carnivalesque. And then there are moments of luminousity when the world becomes the bearer of hope and redemption.’

- Ranjit Hoskote

A Note About The Author :


Vivek Narayanan was born in Ranchi in 1972. He grew up in Zambia, studied in the United States, and is currently based in Delhi, where he works at Sarai-CSDS. His poems have appeared in Indian and international journals and anthologies since 1994. Universal Beach is his first book of verse.

Selected Poems From ‘ Universal Beach’

Man Washing His Foot In The Bathroom Of A Bus Station

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